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We are the solution for all your medical needs. Why spend countless hours sitting in a hospital waiting room or standing in long lines, when fast affordable, personalized medical attention is just a phone call way.


With our house call visits and medical rounds done, we will provide a variety of medications for our patients that will be included in the price.


Save yourself the hassle of additional pharmacy trips. Prescription will be filled on Site for your convenience.


Patients treated in an hour or less! And the best part is… THE DOCTOR GOES TO YOU.


We are always ready to help you in a variety of languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Creole.


Our mission is to provide to our clients, fast, secure, and reliable care. Collaborating to make sure that your vacation or business turns out in the way you have planned.


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The doctor was very caring. Also I never had to pay extra for medication, it was all included in the price of the visit. Thank you EGMS!
May 2013 – GIOVANA M.
You guys provided a wonderful care to my son while we were on vacation in Orlando!
May 2013 – Fernanda.
Wasn’t long before I was seen by a doctor, who was extremely professional, reassuring, answered all of my questions with a manner and in terminology I could understand.
May 2013 – Sophia.
I can’t thank you enough for all Express Global has done for us. You all made us feel as welcome as we were at home, and the best part is that I never had to leave my room!
February 2014 - Maria Luiza
Obrigado pela ajuda.  Otima medica e rapido atendimento.
January 2014 - Sergio Pontes
It was my second time in Florida, but my first time during winter. The weather is crazy, one day is hot the other is super cold, and who would get sick in a weather like that. Called the front desk asking they if they could give the address for the closest minute clinic and they said that they had something better and gave their number.  Never heard about docs who goes to your hotel room, but since they told me they are very affordable I said why not!  Could not be more satisfied.  Fast, affordable, and they know what they ...
December 2013 - Joao Farias
Not only great service but affordable prices.  Doc had this crazy bag with all kind of medications, and the best part they were included on the price!
October 2013 -- Juliana Araujo
They got here so quick.  Took the doctor less than 40 min to get here, but not only that she was great!